I am Louise Renton. I teach Pilates on line and, from September, at Langton Green Village hall

I trained originally to teach Exercise to Music and subsequently qualified to teach Ante & Post Natal exercise. My interest in the benefits of exercise led me to train to teach Pilates.

I have been teaching Pilates for 20 years and have a nationally recognised qualification in teaching Pilates with an additional qualification in Pilates & the Older Adult. When I embarked on my Pilates training, I honestly thought it would just add a little to my existing fitness knowledge. I know now that it is a completely different way of thinking about exercise and how beneficial it can be to many different people.

Many of my Pilates class participants tell me how much they miss it if they have to miss a week and how much it has helped them gain strength and body awareness leading to fewer aches and pains as well as an improved physical appearance.

My Pilates classes are progressive exercise programmes suitable for all ages and abilities. These Pilates classes use traditional Pilates principles with the added benefit of up to date knowledge of exercise safety & effectiveness. 

mob: 07788663107